Tug Hill Resort, Redfield, New York

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Your gateway to endless fun

You're never too old to play in the wilderness, and Tug Hill offers endless landscapes and activities for you to enjoy! A well-known natural beauty, this outdoor wonderland is a haven adventurers looking to explore thousands of miles of trails, both wild and maintained, on mountain bike, ATV, or by foot.

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Special moments that'll last forever

The expansive wilderness of the Tug Hill Plateau is an adventurers paradise, with stunning views, vast reservoirs and endless open tracks. With over 30,000 trails, the plateau, lakes, rivers and waterfall are literally an adventure playground, and with so many different trails, boredom simply isn’t an option.


Fun for all ages

Families love Tug Hill Resort too

It goes without saying that there’s also plenty to do for families who want to enjoy some quality time together – in both summer and winter. Tug Hill Resort is the perfect destination for a family holiday because it has so much to offer everyone. The Salmon River is a great place to take a hike, skip some stones and enjoy the panoramic views, while back at the resort, play one of our many garden games, or tell stories and make smores by the fire-pit. Swimming in the reservoir, of course, is also a local favourite and a family-friendly activity.

Kids having fun at Tug Hill Resort
Roasting marshmallows over fire pit at Tug Hill Resort
Peaceful, relaxing and therapeutic

For the less adventuress

Although Tug Hill is known as a wilderness and outdoor lover’s paradise, those that want more relaxed at a less adventurous pace will also have a wonderful time. Tug Hill Resort offers a variety of pastimes from garden games by the outdoor fire-pit to a shaded tree to read a book and marvel at the beautiful landscape, there’re countless ways to spend a truly remarkable and unforgettable day without putting tiring your legs or reving a ATV.

Adirondack Mountains forest
Star gazing in Adirondack Mountains

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We promise the lowest rate when booking direct.